Kim Krueger, DVM, CCRT
Sedalia, Colorado
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Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is from Ogden, Utah where she grew up at the foot of the mountains riding horses and skiing. After graduating from Ogden High School she continued her education at the University of Utah earning a BS in Biology. Upon graduation she spent the next two years working at the University of Utah researching preterm labor. Living at the foot of the mountains was a great place to hone her mountain biking skills.

Deciding it was time to get into veterinary school, Kim moved with her golden retriever, Huckleberry, to Fort Collins, Colorado. Upon arriving there she got a job at the veterinary teaching hospital in the student labs and large animal surgery. She continued working there through the entirety of veterinary school.

During her veterinary education, Kim acquired her first bearded collie. Becket was a typical herding dog that needed a job. Kim enrolled Becket in one of the first agility classes taught in Colorado. And so started her passion for agility.

Upon graduation from veterinary school, Kim decided to stay in Colorado. She moved down to Littleton to start her career in veterinary medicine.

Then came Grendel. Grendel was Kim’s beloved performance dog. One day Kim looked at Grendel and decided it was time to start learning how to better help our beloved performance dogs as they aged. She enrolled in the Canine Rehabilitation institute. She immediately started implementing what she had learned on her own dogs. She was amazed at how quickly she saw results. Grendel finally retired from her agility career at the age of 13. In her later years Grendel received animal chiropractic care. That care kept Grendel healthy, happy and hiking until she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Kim felt chiropractic care was another tool that was needed in the whole animal health approach.

Recently Kim completed the Animal Chiropractic program at Parker University. She completed her certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Along the way Kim married her best friend and partner, Jeff, and has two beloved sons, Alex and Luke. During her spare time Kim can be found hiking, running or biking with her boys or at an agility trial with her bearded collies.